Big Data Analytics

Question 3

(a) This final question requires you to conduct a search on successful applications of big data in the Telecom industry. Give a brief summary of a big data application that you find interesting. The summary should include the following:

(i) define business and big data analytics objective(s),

(ii) describe the data used,

(iii) explain how the big data application has helped to achieve the stated business objective, and

(iv) limitation(s) of the application.

Please attached the selected article. You can refer to the case studies in the iSG as a guide. Do not exceed 300 words. (15 marks)

(b) Identify and explain with details two (2) ways to improve the big data application stated in 3(a). (5 marks)

(C) The organisation that you have selected had collected free format customer feedback over the years and will like to do a text mining project to understand their customers better. Outline five (5) issues that the organisation is likely to face when preparing the textual data for mining, and suggest how they can be overcome. (10 marks)