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Role of Ethics within Leadership Essay 3-5 pages APA Format Scholarly articles must be within 5 years  Attached file has all the instructions which MUST be followed – NO EXCEPTIONS!  Please do not accept assignment if you can’t complete on time!  7/14/17 at 8 AM. 


Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  100 words. Lashariah Graham  1 posts Re:Topic 4 DQ 1 Conflict is to come in to collision or disagreement. Some factors that could lead to conflict is, the nurses will feel like they dont have an opinion or […]

Ambulatory Surgery Center Case Study:

Assignment 3:  (20 points) Case Study Project- AMBULATORY SURGERY CENTER CASE STUDY (Power Point Presentation) . In this project, students will apply the knowledge gained in this course to a case example. Each student will select one of the scenarios below and develop a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation to discuss the current status of the organization, provide an […]

Core competencies paper

Review core competencies of the different roles of the advance nurse practitioner and write a 3 pages research paper considering the following: Compare the core competencies of the Nurse Practitioner’s role (direct care provider) in contrast to the core competencies of the Nurse Administrator’s role (indirect care provider).  Analyze the similarities and differences in implementation […]

Class 1 Unit 6 COMMENT 1

Purpose: Discussion (NP and APN Roles Comparison) Thing to Remember: •   Answer this discussion with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using several outside, peer-reviewed sources. •   1 References, find resources that are 5 years or less •   No errors with APA format 6 Edition Discussion: (NP and APN Roles Comparison) Physician assistant’s verses Nurse […]


Medicaid Discuss the three categories of Medicaid: categorically needy, medically needy, and special groups. Explain and provide an example of how there might be individuals that benefit from these programs while others that are in need might not qualify?


Prepare a 10-minute presentation (PowerPoint of 10-15 slides, not including title or reference slide) on organizational culture and values. Below each slide there must be a speaker notes. 1. Describe how alignment between the values of an organization and the values of the nurse impact nurse engagement and patient outcomes. 2.Discuss how an individual can […]

The Clinical question

Your capstone change project begins this week when you identify a practice issue that you believe needs to change. The practice issue must pertain to a systematic review that you must choose from a List of Approved Systematic Reviews (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for the capstone project. Choose a systematic review from the […]


Need response to below in APA format 1 and half pages 3 references 2 from walden universtiy library.  Due Firday July 21 at 2000 instead of 1600  Will pay 10 $ When conducting a research project, the first task is to develop the question. It may take the researcher a few attempts before the question […]