Assisgnment 4

Please review the contents of Learning Module # 4. Read Ch. 1.7. Answer the following  questions. All responses are due by Sunday at midnight each week.

  1. Who decides quality of nursing home care?
  2. To what extent is Deming’s approach descriptive of the typical nurising facility?
  3. Is “outcome” definable, and if so, is it reasonable for surveyors to use their definition of outcome to measure facility care?
  4. What deters organizations from effectively using the results of measurement to improve their organizations?
  5. Where can organizations look for best practices in order to improve their level of patient satisfaction?
  6. Why is it so important to examine goal attainment in all five pillars?
  7. Why is alignment of leadership and employee behaviors important?
  8. Complete the PIR for Mrs. Smiths’ incident and call 1-800-458-9858 and follow the prompts. Listen to the options, but DO NOT LEAVE A RECORDED MESSAGE. Submit to assignments as an attachment.