Assignment Description & Evaluation Criteria for Written Assignment

Assignment Description & Evaluation Criteria for Written Assignment


Purpose:  To learn about a specific culture (other than your own) in terms of food and dining, religion and celebratory foods, as well as ingredients and spices.


Process:  Each person will have lunch or dinner at an ethnic restaurant you have not previously experienced.  Any ethnic group presented in the course is fine.  Ethnic cultures NOT ACCEPTED are: Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern.


Write a 2 FULL page (double-spaced) paper, keep the margings 1 inch wide only on all slides.

using complete sentences, answering the following questions:


______What is the name and address of the restaurant?

_____Include a take-out menu or business card with the address

______What type of ethnic food does the represent?

______What dishes did you try (you must try at least three)?

______Are the dishes you ate common, every day foods or are they dishes served on special occasions?

______How do the dishes represent their ethnic group?

_____What makes them unique to their ethnic culture?

_____Is it the ingredients they use, the spices, or the cooking method?

_____Would this food fit into your own cultural or personal pattern of eating?

_____Why or why not?


Evaluation includes the following:

1.  Organization of material – neatness and order of presentation___ out of 10 points

2.  English writing skills – includes grammar and sentence structure___ out of 30 points

3.  Content – material coverage must include all of the items above___ out of 60 points


Total points:___ out of 100 points



The location of the restaurant must be in San Francisco area. I choose ITALIAN RESTAURANT named “Olive Garden” 


Here’s the link to help you write the paper. ;


The due is 25th september at 11AM pacific time. And i’m willing to pay $8