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The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have mastered the topic/concepts you have researched and can engage in meaningful, scholarly dialog and/or debate with your peers while also offering a unique contribution to the subject.

For this assignment, you will Select three (3) questions submitted by your peers and/or your instructor from the discussion board to address formally and in detail for this assignment.

Choose questions of intellectual substance; each response should be 2 paragraphs in length.

Include the questions above your responses.

Present the question in bold text and your response beneath in regular APA style text. You do not need to identify the person who submitted the question.

Your responses should be organized, comprehensive, and well written.

Use citations and a reference page when appropriate to include supporting evidence; however, your responses should be unique and indicative of your own understanding of the subject.

Include a title page.


**** These are the questions

1. 1.Things That Would Help Nurses Assess and Manage Pain More Effectively?

2. 2.Can you share the leading causes that lead to childhood obesity?

3. 3.What factors have contributed to physicians primarily prescribing opioids even though they are a poor choice for long-term pain management? Is there more of monetary value for the physician prescribing an opioid pain medication?

4. 4.Due to the minimal side-effects of medical marijuana, there is less of a need for other medications or treatments to counteract the side-effects that a synthetic opioid medication can produce (e.g., constipation & addiction). How has this influenced the financial aspects of the pharmaceutical and insurance companies?

5. 5.How would integrating classes into nursing programs in relation to workplace violence assist with lowering the rates of these types of incidents once a nurse is actively working in the field?

6. 6.Are there any pros and cons of bottle feeding in the first 6 months, but with breastmilk?

7. 7.what are the reasons or issues that cause deterioration of the effectiveness for programs addressing AIDS and HIV?


The required number of responses is submitted in the appropriate format. Questions chosen for response are of significant intellectual quality so as to require a substantive reply, and cover a variety of issues. The student does not steer away from challenging or difficult questions for which there may be no exact answer. Responses are organized, comprehensive, and very well written. Responses are academic in tone and are presented professionally. Responses indicate a thorough understanding of the topic and (when applicable) a willingness to explore unexamined or contradictory views. Responses