Application Research Case Study

In this discussion, you will present your ideas for your program evaluation proposal for faculty and peer feedback. This discussion is a comprehensive one and should be at least 300–400 words.


Complete the following:

  1. First, select the program evaluation model that you will be using from Types of Logic Models (Chyung, Wisniewski, Inderbitzen, & Campbell, 2013, Table 1, p. 92), and offer your rationale for choosing this model in one paragraph.
  2.  Next, identify the following elements of your program and present these in your discussion post: use Steps 1–4 in Table 2 of the Chyung, Wisniewski, Inderbitzen, and Campbell article (2013, p. 93) to identify:
    1. The evaluand (the hypothetical program to be evaluated).
    2. The overall purpose and type of evaluation to be conducted.
    3. The stakeholders of the program.
    4. Finally, develop a one-page logic model for the hypothetical program you are evaluating, and upload it with your discussion post. Use the video you viewed earlier in this unit to develop your understanding of logic models. The Program Logic Model (Chyung, Wisniewski, Inderbitzen, & Campbell, 2013, p. 97) offers an example of a clear but succinct way to present a logic model for a program. The resource, W. K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide [PDF], provides helpful insights on the development of a logic model as well.