Analysis of Children’s Toy

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Analysis of Children’s Toy

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I will add an outline for you to follow and it needs to be in APA

Analysis of Children’s Toy/Game and Influence on Development

Complete an analysis on a children’s toy or game based on the cognitive development and either the physical or psychosocial development of infants, toddlers, or middle childhood. Indicate the target age range is for the toy/game. Is it gender-specific? Does the manufacture make any claims about the toy/game? Provide a description of how the toy/game meets a child’s specific cognitive and either physical or psychosocial needs. Apply developmental theories to support the information you present.

Lastly, recommend at least one modification to improve the toy/game and explain how this would enhance at least one of the areas of development (physical, psychosocial, cognitive).


  • 2-3 pages of content (Content pages do not include the title, references pages, appendix)
  • Minimum of 1 reference – textbook or scholarly source published within the last five years
  • APA format including cover page, in-text citations, and references page
  • Include appendix page with an image of toy.