Analyse the below text identifying at least five language

Analyse the below text identifying at least five language features that would locate it within the spoken or written continuum. Support your analysis with evidence from the text: “ I tried to call you today to check some information about IELTS, specifically the below: Whether notice for the paper-based IELTS is 6 weeks; what about computer based one? Students are interested in the Academic version.. but how will they do the speaking component? Will they sit all the components at AOU; on the same day? Fee for the paper-based (I think you quoted 200$) and computer-based 230$? What’s the difference between paper-based and computer based exactly? Many thanks ”. Part B: Essay Question (50 marks) Write an essay supported by examples on ONE of the following two question. Indicate clearly which items you are choosing to answer: Required word range 300-400 1. Hanley (2010) argued that it is evident that English is a particularly difficult writing system to learn. Discuss, using appropriate examples, the advantages and disadvantages of English orthography and strategies that may help learners overcome the disadvantages. 2. How do sociolinguists use the concepts of ‘social networks’ and ‘communities of practice’ to explain aspects of linguistic behaviour? Discuss the usefulness of these terms with reference to examples from the course and from your own experience.