American government The United States Constitution has

American government
The United States Constitution has several functions. One of its primary functions is as the blueprint or framework for the United States’ system of government. Discuss the role that the Constitution plays in framing the U.S. government, and discuss the concept of public policy. In doing so, make certain to answer the following questions:What are the main components of the United States Constitution that serve as the framework for how society governs and is governed? Explain. In your explanation, please make certain to describe the components of the Constitution that outline the primary branches of our system of government: the executive, judicial and legislative functions.In your own words, how does each component of the Constitution function to support our system of government? Explain.What is public policy? Explain.What purpose does public policy serve?What role does the average citizen play in developing public policy, if any?
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Since Independence, the constitution has guided the American government on how to lead people. One of the most important aspects of the constitution that has ensured good governance has been the bill of rights. This component ensures the government does not evade its responsibilities. The other component of the constitution has been the division of the government into three arms; legislature, judiciary and executive. These branches provide to provide a law making and enforcement system. The legislature…………….
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