advocate for nursing practice

advocate for nursing practice

There are many professional nursing organizations that support and advocate for nursing practice. Being a part of a professional organization allows nurses to have a voice and make an impact in policymaking decisions and legislation that can ultimately affect patient care. Being part of a professional organization also allows nurses to come together and be a powerful voice for the nursing profession. The main goal is to provide evidence-based, safe, quality care and coming together to improve healthcare is a huge way to make an impact.

According to, “Nursing organizations promote and encourage the use of evidence-based practice to its members. Nurses who are certified in their specialty will find that their nursing professional organization will offer continuing education that is pertinent to their practice. Many nursing organizations hold annual nursing conferences. These conferences bring nurses together from across the country, and oftentimes worldwide, to share education and best practices. They also offer the opportunity to network with nursing colleagues from around the globe” (Schneider, 2015).

One such organization is the ANA. This organization acts as an advocate for the nurse and for patients. The ANA raises awareness to the public, and legislation at the state and federal level when certain problems arise in healthcare or improvements are necessary. Raising awareness contributes to making changes in order to provide patient’s safe quality care. “ANA offers the information, tools, and resources that nurses need to become effective advocates” (ANA, n.d.).


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