Above diagram represents visualization of complains of

Above diagram represents visualization of complains of costumers of Crowne Plaza Hotel Canberra for year of 2017. Below we will elaborate report more specifically and evidentially.The code identified in the hotel’s report are classified under six themes which are Rooms Restaurant Price Staff Customer loyalty Elevator. ROOMSIn the research, it could be realised that most customers talked about the room in various ways and gave their opinion on the rooms they used at every given time. Most of the customers talked about broken and dirty window, the noisy rooms and floor, how unclean the rooms are and bad bathroom. All these are the bad comments from the customers which further produced an unsatisfying reaction from them.A customer gave his opinion that the bathroom was not cleaned, bins were not taken out etc., also mentioned that the bathroom maintenance, the sink etc. This brought about customers dissatisfaction and thereby reduced the patronage of clients in the hotel.STAFFThe staff services also featured .in the research a couple of time which made it an important integral of the research. So many customers talked about the customer service and why they are unprofessional, untrained, lack the expertise, being very rude, have poor food delivery, poor housekeeping service and many more.Although there was a compliment about the greeting of staff as suggested by one of the customer who said, “wonderful service on arrival!”, however, the factors highlighted earlier are mention more often in the research. Some customer gave a feedback like “the last breakfast was an eye opener to laziness, rudeness and arrogance from the restaurant staff…a place where you help yourself to cereal, toast, fruit…. breakfast on the last morning…with cold coffee, no service, no chef, uncleared tables and the cleaner playing Go Spot”PRICEThere are also many comments that were passed on price which made price qualify as being one of the themes of this research work. Many customers felt that the prices paid weren’t in consonance with the quality provide and that the prices quoted are too high which was further explained as not being relative to competitor.A customer expressed his displease with the price by saying that “ I booked here expecting the hotel to be of high standard as the branding suggests… there are plenty of other hotels in Canberra with a similar or cheaper price with a higher quality…For all that, at the price being asked I would perhaps look elsewhere”.CUSTOMER LOYALTYCustomer loyalty is also another identified theme in the research work. It was observed that some customers have their loyalty with the hotel and are keen to coming back after using the hotel many years back as they were satisfied with the service they received from the past usage or couldn’t just get something better elsewhere, so they are loyal to the hotel. While some would only visit sometimes ads they are indifferent with the services enjoyed in the hotel.The customer loyalty was expressed when a customer highlights the various this that would make him come back “unbeatable location, courteous staff and great breakfast “ELEVATORThere was also an emphasis on the elevator in the hotel. The customers complained that the elevator is very slow, not enough and most of the time unavailable.This was demonstrated when the customer said “the room was not clean and one of the lifts did not work, so we had to take the stairs all the time”