“A Boy and His Wall” Application

For up to 8 points extra credit, please select and complete ONE of the following (limit of 1 per student): Due by Sunday, March 11 by 11:59 PM in Canvas.

Option 1: “A Boy and His Wall” Application

For this option, please find a small space to analyze (a private shelve of books, a bulletin board, a refrigerator, a desk, etc.) and take a photo of the space that you can upload. Take some time to think about the space and what the objects in it represents in terms of “magnifying an interior life” and making “a spectacle” that can be read by the creator and those who have access to the space. Be specific. 400+ words, single-spaced; include image.

Option 2: Classical Rhetorical Analysis of Contemporary Political Speech

For this option, find a short political speech given by any politician in 2018 to analyze (excluding the State of the Union speech). In it, identify a specific example of ethos (internal), logos, and pathos, and describe the kairos. Be specific. 400+ words single-spaced, include speech or link to speech.