9.2. Pediatric ADHD Parent Education

You are meeting with the parents of a child being evaluated for ADHD. The child meets criteria based on DSM5 for an ADHD diagnosis through the subjective and objective data provided.

  • What is DSM5 criteria that must be met through subjective and objective data for the accurate diagnosis of ADHD?
  • What information/resources would you use to discuss this diagnosis?
  • What information would you provide to educate parents/caretakers regarding etiology and symptoms of ADHD?
  • What treatment options would you discuss with the parents/caretakers?
  • What non-pharmacological treatment has been useful in treating children with ADHD? Why is it helpful?
  • What are the long-term effects on the brain of children who have used medication for ADHD? What are the possible long-term benefits and negative impacts of those medications on both the brain and body overall?
  • Your assignment should be in APA format with at least five evidence-based references to support your statements.