9.2. Data Collection Methods

Once the design and specific aims for the SPP project are determined, the next step is to select the data collection method. It is critical that the data collection method is congruent with the study design and the project purpose. Answer these questions about your proposed SPP Project.

  1. State your type of study approach (Quantitative or Qualitative Research, Quality Improvement, Evidence-Based Practice, Program Evaluation) and indicate the strengths and limitations of the study type selected.
  2. The data collection phase of the SPP project is action-oriented and involves collaborators to assist with recruitment and data collection. What is your current plan for recruitment? Which platform are you considering using? Examples of platforms include SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and Kwik Survey.
  3. Have any of the articles that you have identified for your project utilized a platform? Provide a brief summary on which platform was used and if it was a good fit for the project.