9.1 Statistical Analysis, Part 2

For this assignment, follow the instructions provided to complete the third part of a statistics analysis exercise, which focuses on the t-test.

Using IntellectusStatisticsTM:

  1. Create a new project labeled “t-test.”
  2. Download the attached week 7 and 8 t-tests and ANOVA (Excel).
  3. Upload the “Week 7 and 8 t-test and ANOVA Excel” data set, which contains Age and Experience binned columns to IntellectusStatisticsTM
  4. Go to Analyses > t-tests > Paired Samples t-test.
    1. Variable 1= Pretest score; Variable 2= Post-test score.
    2. Calculate.
  5. Download the document and print in Document View.

In a Word document, write a narrative describing the results of the t-test. Upload both the IntellectusStatisticsTM document and your narrative Word document.