9.02 Writing Assignment: Parabolas

Writing Assignment: Parabolas

It is now time for you to practice graphing parabolas. We will utilize the Whiteboard for this assignment.

The Whiteboard will allow you to save your graphs as pictures (jpeg files) that can then be inserted directly into a Word document and can be submitted to your instructor.

If you prefer to hand-draw your graphs, click here to download your assignment and scan your solutions. This downloadable document is meant for hand-writing only and cannot be typed on. Use this document only if you have access to a scanner to submit your work, otherwise, use the Whiteboard below.

To use the Whiteboard:

  1. Draw your graph.
  2. Click on the save button. Name your file with an easily identifiable name (Alg2_8.B.WrittenAssignment_Graph1) and save it in a folder on your computer that is easily accessible.
  3. Open a Word document, click on Insert, Picture, and navigate through the folders on your computer to find your file.
  4. Click on the file and insert into your Word document.

Point Breakdown:

Each of the following questions is worth 10 Points with the following breakdown:

6 Points for the graph

2 Points for finding and graphing the focus

2 Points for finding and graphing the directrix

Find and write the focus and directrix on your document. Graph the function, with the focus and directrix shown on the graph, as well.

  1. y equals one-twenty-fourth x squared
  2. x equals negative one-twelfth y squared
  3. y equals one-fourth times the quantity x minus 2 squared
  4. x minus 2 equals one-eighth times the quantity y plus 1 squared
  5. y minus 2 equals negative one-sixteenth times the quantity x minus 1 squared