8.2. Core Competencies

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8.2. Core Competencies

Familiarize yourself with The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education (2021) (PDF).

Instructions for working with the text:

The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education (2021) provides a framework for preparing individuals as members of the discipline of nursing, reflecting expectations across the trajectory of nursing education and applied experience. These Essentials introduce 10 domains that represent the essence of professional nursing practice and the expected competencies for each domain. The domains and competencies exemplify the uniqueness of nursing as a profession and reflect the diversity of practice settings. The competencies accompanying each domain are designed to be applicable across four spheres of care (disease prevention/promotion of health and well-being, chronic disease care, regenerative or restorative care, and hospice/palliative/supportive care) across the lifespan and with diverse patient populations. While the domains and competencies are identical for both entry and advanced levels of education, the sub-competencies build from entry level into professional nursing practice to advanced levels of knowledge and practice.

  • After reviewing, identify one competency with a matching APN sub-competency for each domain you have addressed or will address during the program. (This can be done in a table format if it is easier to document. See the attached document for an example.)

Please upload your domain competencies as listed in the instructions.