7.3. Statistical Analysis, Part 1

For this assignment, follow the instructions provided to complete the first part of a statistical analysis using a provided database. You complete the second part of this analysis in the subsequent assignment.

  1. Review the following statistical tests in the attached Excel document to become familiar with their purposes:
    1. Measures of Central Tendency
      1. the mode
      2. the median
      3. the mean
    2. Variance and standard deviation
    3. Minimum
    4. Maximum
    5. One sample t-test
    6. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) / One-Way ANOVA
  2. Review the attached Scenario and Database Word document for the statistical exercise.
  3. Directions for the Statistical Analysis Exercise, Part 1:
    1. Copy the database table on the attached Scenario and Database Word document to an Excel spreadsheet.
    2. Add a gender code column.
    3. Add a years’ experience code column.
    4. Code the genders using the code provided.
    5. Code the years’ experience using the codes provided.
  4. Submit your completed Excel spreadsheet for the instructor’s feedback.