6.Incorporate Informed Consent into Working Draft

To appraise the potential sample population for your Scholarly Practice Project, use these critiquing prompts: Potential Benefits and Risks of Research to Participants. 

Discuss some of the outcomes of your sample critique. 

Review and apply the benefits and risks for your informed consent.


Major potential benefits to participants

  • Access to potentially beneficial information that might otherwise be unavailable
  • Comfort in being able to discuss their situation or problem with a friendly, impartial person
  • Increased knowledge about themselves or their condition, either opportunity through introspection and self-reflection or through direct interaction with researchers
  • Escape from normal routine
  • Satisfaction that information they provide may help others with similar conditions
  • Direct monetary or material gains through stipends or other incentives

Major potential risks to participants

  • Physical harm, including unanticipated side effects
  • Physical discomfort, fatigue, or boredom
  • Emotional distress resulting from self-disclosure, introspection, fear of the unknown, discomfort with strangers, fear of repercussions, or anger or embarrassment at the questions being asked
  • Social risks, such as the risk of stigma, adverse effects on personal relationships, or loss of status
  • Loss of privacy
  • Loss of time
  • Monetary costs (e.g., for transportation, childcare, time lost from work)
  • Eye strain form computer usage