6.3.Presentation of Evidence-Based Intervention

As you develop your research plan you need to identify an intervention for your SPP topic. The intervention is the method you believe will improve or support the nursing process for the outcomes of your SPP focus and research. For your SPP, use an intervention with a clear and complete statement and content argument. The SPP intervention must be within the IRB criteria as well as accurate, feasible, and plausible.


Write a paper proposing the SPP intervention you believe would be the best for your SPP. 

Please provide a copy of the intervention. 

In the paper, describe why you feel this evidence-based intervention will assist you in answering your SPP research question, how the intervention will be used by your research participants in your study, and how this intervention has shown to be evidence-based. Scholarly resources need to be synthesized, providing new information, or insight related to the context, providing both supportive and alternative information or viewpoints regarding the SPP intervention.