5 page paper ( 2 pages biography of Brian Turner, 3 pages comparison of 2 of his works)

Topic: Eulogy and Caravan, Brian Turner poems


1) Describe Brian Turner biography (2 pages) — their life and times — and literary criticism written by others about the poet’s work.

    –personal life

    –career as poet and other writings

    –interpretations of their poem(s) by other critics


2) Connect your research on the poet’s life/times and literary criticism to an interpretation of two of their poems. (3 pages)

   –Use key literary terms for your analysis. Connect that analysis to your overall interpretation of the poem(s). Your thesis should be based on that interpretation.


3) Basically, you are researching the life and times of your author and using that research to introduce your interpretation of their poems. Then you will support your interpretation by analyzing 2 poems by your author, along the way integrating other critics’ arguments on the poems.


Works Cited (5 sources)

a) 1- 2 internet source maximum.

b) 1 source MUST BE a piece of criticism on the poem(s) you’re interpreting.

c) the two poems you are analyzing ( Eulogy and Caravan) count as one source.




Be organize with your paragraphs and arguments. Make sure the paragraphs have a connection. Compare and contrast the poems.



IMPORTANTE: If possible send on my email the 5 sources before April 1. Just the sources are necessary before April 1.