5.1 Systematic Literature

Literature Review Tips for Getting Started (Bonnel and Smith, 2021, p. 70):

  • Focus your search by connecting two or more words with and.
  • Use both nursing and non-nursing search engines.
  • Do not rely on memory; rather, take good notes on your search, including search engines used, keywords searched, inclusion/exclusion criteria applied, number of articles produced from the search, and the reasons articles were eliminated.
  • Briefly scan abstracts to determine whether there is a possible fit with your project before committing to reading full articles.

Refer to the tips and answer the following:

  • Describe your literature-review methods, including (at minimum) databases searched, keywords used, years searched, and inclusion/exclusion criteria for your problem of interest.
  • Discuss the difference between empirical versus supportive literature. What supportive literature might be used in your SPP?