4.3.SLO 3 Integrating SLO with DNP Essentials

4.3.SLO 3 Integrating SLO with DNP Essentials


Student Learning Objective 3:

Develop systems supportive of effective communication at the organizational and interdisciplinary level.

DNP Essential Domain 9: Professionalism

Descriptor: Formation and cultivation of a sustainable professional nursing identity, accountability, perspective, collaborative disposition, and comportment that reflects nursing’s characteristics and values.


Please complete the following:

  • Review the Student Learning Outcome and the DNP Essential.
  • Discuss how you plan to meet the Student Learning Outcomes and the Essentials at this stage of your Scholarly Practice Project (SPP).
  • Review the entry-level and advanced-level sub-competencies in the DNP Essentials. Examine what may be applicable to your project.