4.1 Participants/Sampling and Study Setting


Note to Writer: Subjects of my SPP are Psychiatric nurses

Discuss the following items in your initial post:

  • How subjects will be recruited (Sampling methodology)
  • The inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • The type of sample (random, purposive, convenience)
  • The proposed sample size and rationale for this choice and the selection method; it is important to include the number of subjects that you will need to minimize Type II errors. Ensure you are using a reliable source, such as G*Power or Cohen (1988). What is sample saturation?
  • Include a broad view of your proposed study’s setting. For privacy reasons, the setting should not be recognizable. For example, you can write something similar to this: “The proposed setting for this study/project is a large, teaching hospital in the Northeast section of the United States. The actual place where the study/project would be carried out is three medical-surgical units in this hospital. Each unit has a bed capacity of 25–30 beds with occupancy rates of 92%–95%.”