3 Page Paper on connecting the main characters from a clockwork orange, the shape of things, and also pleasantville

Please do not go to the Internet to find answers. What I want is some expression of what we discussed in class or original ideas of your own. The ideas of others from online sources will stick out very obviously. I will be running your submissions through the anti-plagiarism software, and need I say do your own work. Any similarities to the work of others in class will be considered plagiarism. All instances of plagiarism must be reported to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. He will ask you to explain the possibly plagiarized material. I would much prefer and give you points for original ideas, especially those based on what we covered in class. Be bold, take chances and remember there is no perfect answer for any of these.




Extended essay: Choose ONE topic only from the list below and developed it into a three-page, double-spaced essay. Use Times New Roman for a font and 12pt type font essay. Grammar and spelling count. Please proofread your essay.


You must write about at least two of the films. You can use all three, too. Also, you must reference one or more of the five theories of culture presented in the course in your essay: The Enlightenment, Freud’s’ Civilization and its Discontents, the ideas of Nietzsche, the Modernist movement in art, and Adorno and Horkheimer’s The Dialectic of the Enlightenment.

3. Compare similarities among two to three of the male characters in the films. [no more than three] You may show one significant difference, but just one. The rest must be similarities.