3.1 Literature Matrix


For this assignment, you will upload your literature matrix. Your literature matrix should discuss your process with the initial review of the literature and address the following:

  • What are the key electronic databases that you are using?
  • What are your successes and challenges in locating relevant literature for review?
  • Does the process of abstracting and recording information from research articles into the Literature Review Matrix flow smoothly for you?
  • What additional support might you need during this important review of the literature?
  • How many articles do you anticipate critiquing prior to Week 10 for your Literature Matrix? (You should be prepared to review 15 to 20 articles.)

Ensure the criteria for your matrix includes:

  • References are appropriate, useful, and come from respected publications.
  • Your findings are clearly identified from research and other evidence-based sources.
  • The summary of each article is relevant, clear, and accurate.
  • A strong critique of each reported study is provided.
  • Unique or interesting points from each article are noted.

You will be submitting this assignment here for feedback and the final completed matrix is due Week 10.

Use the attached Evidenced Based Table for Literature Matrix to complete this assignment.