14.1 Psychosis 2

14.1 Psychosis 2

Discussion prompts – please answer the following questions and include at least three or more scholarly references for each prompt

1. What interventions can the PMHNP provide to women of childbearing age who may be at increased risk of postpartum psychosis?


2. What are ways in which the PMHNP can support the concept of building a community to aid in the early identification and therefore intervention for adolescent psychosis?


3. Identify a medical workup that the prudent PMHNP would order for the patient experiencing psychotic symptoms at different ages (please respond to all ages)

18 year old

35 year old

80 year old


4. How do the various different forms of EPS (dystonia, tardive dyskinesia, parkinsonism, akathisia) differ from one another in presentation and treatment options?