13.SPP Summary

-Please edit existing chapters 1-3.

-Analyze/use the data from the Excel attachment for analysis and results. Use in writing chapters 4 and 5. The total number of participants is 12.

-Analyze the Demographic survey, and use percentages in comparisons and charts.

-The pre-test and post-test items are the same. Participants took the pre-test, read the educational module (Intervention), then took the post-test.

-For the pre-test and post-test, find the percentage change for each item. Organize by each item under a table. The table should have a list of the items, the mean score of the pre-test of each item, the mean score of the post-test of each item, and the standard deviation of each item, per my professor. Use charts and discuss results in detail. Use the attached Modified ROMI article as a guide, per professor.

-Please, update the attached Poster Presentation with new analysis information and the result of the SPP.

-Use evidence-based resources and add them to the list of resources.


Intervention Link Below

Medication Adherence Module Link


List of attachments

-SPP Chapters 1-3 with prompts for 4-5

-SPP Poster PowerPoint Presentation

-SPP Data from Qualtrics in Excel

-Chapters 4-5 prompts doc

-Information used in IRB application. Please, read it first because it  shows the latest direction of the SPP.