13.2. Repeat Work: Non-Empirical and supporting Evidence

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13.2. Repeat Work: Non-Empirical and supporting Evidence

Non-Empirical and supporting Evidence

SPP: Reducing Readmissions for Psychiatric Patients through Medication Assessment

NOTE: In the context of the research project, writing should focus on evaluating/reviewing nurses’ knowledge/confidence in medication assessment of patients following the introduction of the medication assessment protocol.


Non-Empirical Evidence

Present the non-empirical, non-experimental, or non-quantitative studies that should be included. Synthesize how these apply to your study. These are studies without randomization of participants and may or may not have control groups. These include quasi-experimental, mixed methods, descriptive, exploratory, and qualitative studies. Also, apply to these areas.

1.  Implications for Nursing

2.  Impact on Population Outcomes

3.  Legal and Policy Issues

4.  Quality and Safety

5.  Cost-Effectiveness



Feedback from Professor from the previous submission: Synthesis of Non-Empirical and Supporting Evidence

You have a good start with why your project is needed but lacks non-empirical supporting evidence-do you have any qualitative studies or QI research articles? Do you have mission statements or posting from various nursing or medical organizations supporting these initiatives? This is what you need here in these sections

Supporting/Non-empirical Literature- Feedback

You address how your study is going to meet the needs but you lack any supporting sources-what does the various nursing organizations state about this? You can also include CMS or other agencies regarding their suggestions-you need to find more support for this area

Summary- Feedback This area needs a bit of work.

There needs to be a summary of what the literature is reporting then I want you to expand on the gaps in the literature and how will your study contribute to the current research