13.1. Repeat Work: Empirical Evidence

Empirical Evidence

SPP: Reducing Readmissions for Psychiatric Patients through Medication Assessment

NOTE: In the context of the research project, writing should focus on evaluating/reviewing nurses’ knowledge/confidence in medication assessment of patients following the introduction of the medication assessment protocol.


Empirical Evidence

Present the empirical or quantitative studies and synthesize how these apply to your scholarly practice project. These are studies that are strictly experimental in nature and consist of control groups and randomize the participants.


Empirical Literature Feedback from Professor for previous work

You are reporting one article after another here, you need to synthesize the results. You need to rewrite this area. I need you to synthesize the research. Discuss if they had similar findings and other similar things then discuss their differences. Also, this area may need to be expanded-what does the research say about other nursing interventions to assist with medication adherence-you can also include this under your non-empirical