11.2. Identification of Tool in Publication

Bradshaw and Vitale (2021) state “Finding a data-collection instrument(s) that is right for your project is challenging. The instrument must measure the targeted outcome. The instrument must meet acceptable levels of validity and reliability. Some instruments may be used free of charge, whereas other may not. The DNP student may need permission from the developer to use the instrument. Developing a new validated instrument is beyond the scope of a DNP Project. It is more practical to use an instrument that has already been developed.” (page 210)

For this assignment locate an article for your project that you have already selected or you can look into the literature and address the following in a Word document.

  1. Identify author and title of article chosen.
  2. Briefly summarize the article’s population, intervention, and outcome measurements in one to two paragraphs.
  3. Identify the measurement tool by name and author.
  4. Did the article author obtain and indicate permission for use?
  5. Was the instrument determined to be reliable and valid? If so, how was the reliability and validity determined or reported?
  6. Did the tool measure the outcomes constant to the theoretical concepts identified?