11.1. SLOs 7-9

Student Learning Objective 7-9:

  1. Create an environment that maximizes continued learning and development for professional practice.
  2. Evaluate the dynamic forces and issues influencing health care delivery in order to initiate interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary change that affects the quality of the health care system.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of leadership and of educational strategies in influencing health care practitioners toward the design and implementation of effective health care delivery.

DNP Essential Domain 8: Informatics and Healthcare Technologies

Descriptor: Information and communication technologies and informatics processes are used to provide care, gather data, form information to drive decision making, and support professionals as they expand knowledge and wisdom for practice. Informatics processes and technologies are used to manage and improve the delivery of safe, high-quality, and efficient healthcare services in accordance with best practice and professional and regulatory standards.

Contextual Statement: Healthcare professionals interact with patients, families, communities, and populations in technology-rich environments. Nurses, as essential members of the healthcare team, use information and communication technologies and informatics tools in their direct and indirect care roles. The technologies, the locations in which they are used, the users interacting with the technology, the communication occurring, and the work being done all impact the data collected, information formed, decisions made, and the knowledge generated. Additionally, the utilization of information and communication technologies in healthcare settings changes how people, processes, and policies interact. Using these tools in the provision of care has both short and long-term consequences for the quality of care, efficiency of communications, and connections between team members, patients, and consumers. It is essential that nurses at all levels understand their role and the value of their input in health information technology analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. With the prevalence of patient-focused health information technologies, all nurses have a responsibility to advocate for equitable access and assist patients and consumers to optimally use these tools to engage in care, improve health, and manage health conditions.


Please complete the following:

  • Review the Student Learning Outcome(s) and the DNP Essential(s).
  • Discuss how you plan to meet the Student Learning Outcomes and the Essentials at this stage of your Scholarly Practice Project (SPP).
  • Review the entry-level and advanced-level sub-competencies in the DNP Essentials. Examine what may be applicable to your project.

The purpose of this assignment is to recognize how the SLOs and DNP Essentials influence your Scholarly Practice Project (SPP) and nursing practice. The goal is to document how you have met all nine Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and DNP Essentials upon DNP graduation.