11.1 Personality Disorders

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11.1 Personality Disorders


Using your practicum experience as a Psych-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner intern in an outpatient community psychiatric clinic, choose a client you’ve seen diagnosed with personality disorder.

 Use the attached Biopsychosocial Assessment Template to write about that client for this assignment.

  • Use the template to create an evidence-based treatment plan using all of the components within the template. Include the Personality Disorder Cluster in the DSM-5. Follow HIPAA guidelines to avoid providing information that identifies the patient.

Criteria for this paper:

  • Answer template questions, integrating resources to provide rationale for all decisions.
  • Use APA formatting for all components of your paper.
  • Your paper should be two to three pages in length not including the reference page.
  • Use at least two nursing journal references from CINAHL to support your rationale.