1.2. Adapting the Health History

Adapting the Health History

Create a patient who has presented to the office for a health assessment as a new patient. Provide the demographics of the patient and background that includes factors that impact their care. Please then discussion how the age and these other individual factors have the potential to impact the provider-patient relationship and the health assessment (both subjective and objective findings).

These individual factors may include any factor that has the potential to impact the relationship or the assessment. Examples are age, gender, mental health, literacy, disability, culture, and language.

Discuss multiple strategies for adapting the environment and the health assessment techniques in order to best facilitate the provider-patient relationship and an effective health assessment.


J is a 2-year-old female who is brought in by her grandfather for ear pain. She is new to the practice. J and her grandfather are from Burma and her grandfather speaks minimal English.

I would then go on the describe how J’s age, the language barrier, and her culture could impact the provider-patient relationship and the health assessment.

Use at least six scholarly sources to support your description of how the relationship and/or assessment may be affected.