​Use MegaStat statistical software (the Excel add-in) to perform the following analyses

Use MegaStat statistical software (the Excel add-in) to perform the following analyses:

  1. For the variable “Heart” in the Health variable grouping (variable is operationalized to 1995 death rate per 100,000 population due to heart disease) using MegaStat construct a frequency distribution and a histogram.
  2. Megastat will default a frequency distribution upon highlighting of the input range and selecting “OK” button to execute the statistics on the data. Include this default frequency distribution and histogram. Write a short paragraph (2-3 sentences) in which you describe the shape of the distribution and summarize the distribution in general terms.
  3. Go back and alter for number of classes as well as the interval width calculations and use that information to attempt to create a different frequency distribution. You can alter it by typing in your own interval width on the “equal width intervals” tab. You should use multiples of ten for interval width (5, 10, 50 etc).
  4. Measurement theory question: Choose any other three variables in the State Database data set and list what level of measurement they are scaled, list what level, and why you selected it. The variable definitions are located on the “variable definitions” tab in the state database file.

Include both your Excel file with the Megastat output and your word file with your answers to questions 1-4.

If you have any questions please let me know ASAP, if not able to complete please do not accept this assignment!